Employment Background Screening in Indonesia

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What is Employment Background Screening?

Background screening means a company to get the best and most appropriate employee candidates in the company. So it is very important for a company to conduct pre-employment background screening.

Why Companies Need Background Screening?

Recruiters gauge the integrity of their candidates throughout Indonesia. To verify the candidate’s claims, our team of screeners assess the validity of information provided in the curriculum vitae and other supporting documents by conducting a background check. Attempts to provide false information such as forged diplomas or false employment records are foiled. In addition to fact-checking, our screeners enquire on reputation and performance.

How to Screening Prospective Employees with Background Screening?

  • Educational check to verify whether the candidate has indeed studied and graduated as per information provided;
  • Professional qualifications check to verify whether the professional certifications are genuine;
  • Employment history to check information related to position, dates of employment, reputation, performance and reason for leaving;
  • Reference checks whereby former supervisors are contacted to ascertain past reputation and performance;
  • Bankruptcy check to determine whether the candidate has been involved in bankruptcy cases;
  • Civil litigation & criminal check to determine whether the candidate has been involved in lawsuits;
  • Reverse directorship search, aimed at identifying an individual’s potential involvement in private companies as a director or a shareholder;
  • Group Sanctions check;
  • Media check which involves a printed media and online to ascertain whether any detrimental information has ever been reported;
  • Verification of contact details and emergency contact details;
  • Verification of current residential address.

Our screening is conducted through Prisma, our proprietary screening platform that can be integrated with our client HR information systems.

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